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Every year we adapt our offerings to meet market trends. Currently these are: Social Intranet, Workflows, Touch and Mobility, SharePoint Governance, WebPortals and User Experience. Download our free whitepaper or contact us for more information.

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Social Intanet

An Intranet’s new concept

People are a company’s principal asset. That’s why the best companies maximize and match people’s passion, experience, and knowledge. It’s all about capturing and sharing knowledge, drive team work, and take quicker and better decisions. During the last few years, the intranet has won company leadership, especially in managing documents and automating processes. However, till now, there hasn’t been an evolving collaborative environment. The model of a static intranet has become obsolete. It´s time for the Social Intranet.


Integration and process optimisation

A critical economic environment like the actual one, forces companies to reduce costs and be more competitive. Unfortunately many companies have opted to reduce costs, forgetting to increase competitiveness, the only way to sustain growth in the long term. To increase competitiveness, companies must increase their productivity and differentiate through innovation. Increasing productivity is equal to being efficient.

Touch & Mobility

A new way to consume corporate information

We are experiencing a mass arrival of Tablets and personal smartphones in the corporate world. There were 54 milion tablets in the world at the start of 2012 to 108 million in 2015. Mobility has been changing from a few years ago. Users demand access to their corporate applications from any device, with a good user experience.

SharePoint Governance

People, processes, information and technology

SharePoint has increased its business impact parallel to their adoption. For many companies, an intranet’s level of criticism can be compared to other applications such as ERP or electronic email. When SharePoint is implemented and managed within a well-defined governance plan and “good practices” are applied becomes an excellent productivity tool.

Web Portals & Digital Marketing

The corporate web is the center of a digital marketing strategy

The majority of the corporate web’s content is dynamic. Business users need to change any content without having to ask the IT department. The web has to adapt to any browser, resolution and device, providing a great user experience. It also has to be socially linked.

User Experience

The user in the center of the design

The investment in usability is one of the most intelligent and has the highest ROI in the development of any application. Not thinking about the usability of an application in the early stages of its development can increase its cost more than 10 times.


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