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The Path to a Social Intranet

People, Objectives, Strategy & Technology

Social networks are the talk of the town, from IT directors of new technologies to marketing managers. Seeing how efficient social networks have been, how they have motivated the masses, for example in the Arab spring, more and more directors are questioning how this new form of communication and participation can be utilised to benefit our own company. Throughout this session we will see a demo based on SharePoint elaborated by Raona, PiuPoint showing us what a social company really looks like.


The 14 of February in
Microsoft London Cardinal Place - 80 - 100 Victoria Street - London - SW1E 5JL

Finished event


9:00 AM

The Path to a Social Intranet

Content: • A Social User's Typical frustrations • Social Media in the Enterprise today • POST Method (People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology) • Mr. Organiser vs. Miss. Social • 21 key features for a social intranet
Speakers: Julia Strüber



The Path to a Social Intranet

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The Path to a Social Intranet

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