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SharePoint, now & future

Workflows, Social Media and Tablets

Automating business processes with SharePoint2010, Building your social organization on SharePoint and The iPad and SharePoint are the topics covered in this seminar


The 29 of November in
British Bankers' Association - 105 Old Broad Street - London, EC2N 1EX

Finished event


12:00 AM

The iPad and SharePoint

There is no question that this is the age of the tablets – the iPad leading amongst them. The mobility, the flexibility, the light-weight of the tablet versus the laptop is irresistible arguments for the new technology. Even handwritten notes may see a return to our lives! How can this exciting new technology be best leveraged in my organisation? How can the modern organisation use both SharePoint and the tablet to keep their workforce amongst the most efficient in the business? And what other developments will await them in this ever-changing time of new challenges and exciting opportunities?

11:00 AM

Building your social organization on SharePoint

More and more people are used to consuming information via social networks – the information comes to them, they do not have to go to it. This is not only an efficient way to inform you – it is also fun! On SharePoint, information is stored in a less convenient way – in pages and libraries that need to be accessed separately for each piece of information. How can we give the user of the present a way to work that fits in with his living habits? The answer is PiuPoint: a comprehensive tool to create, secure, and quantify social interaction in your company. Content can be shared both within your organisation as well as outside it, on your internal social network as well as on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. See how you can develop and strengthen your internal brand-image by offering your employees your own branded communication platform, for simple and motivating knowledge transfer.
Speakers: Julia Strüber

9:00 PM

Automating business processes with SharePoint2010

The modern workplace heaps ever more challenges on us: Getting everything done more quickly and more efficiently with less time and less money/personnel available. How to master this? The answer is workflows! With our user-friendly interfaces, workflows are easy to manage and to follow: All tasks are listed on one screen, and can be sorted by task owner and status. Tasks can be completed directly in the task panel to the right hand side that changes with every task, and can include anything from tick-boxes, images to texts and textboxes. Training? Not necessary. The user interface is so easy that users will face no problems to complete tasks right from where they are – their task home-screen.
Speakers: Pablo Peris



SharePoint, now & future

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