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Next steps for your Enterprise Social

Next steps and lessons learnt from the field

After the big success of our last event about "The New Enterprise Social", we want to review some of the concepts we introduced and how they apply to your business. Whether your company is already starting to work socially or just thinking about it, this is the event for you. Join us at our event and learn from our vast experience with these social platforms. Everyone says that change is the new normal, is your company ready for that?


The 18 of June in
Microsoft Offices - Cardinal Place - London, Victoria

Finished event


8:30 AM


9:00 AM

The New Enterprise Social, next steps

In all enterprise social networks the number of users will increase rapidly due to its ease of use and assimilation, but it will also decrease at the same rate if there is no strategy in place and a way of proving the business value it brings to your company.

That’s why Raona offers you a set of actions that will allow you to squeeze your social initiatives to their maximum potential.

9:30 AM

What does Office 365 mean for my business?

Cloud-powered connection, collaboration and control. Office 365 has the applications you know, always up-to-date and accessible from virtually anywhere.

10:00 AM

Coffee Break

10:30 AM

Yammer Social Hands-On Workshop

From high-growth startups to global organizations, over 400,000 leading businesses around the world are finding success with Yammer. Discover how companies are using Yammer to work like a network in this interactive workshop.

11:30 AM

Ask the experts

Participate with us during the Q&A



Next steps for your Enterprise Social

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Next steps for your Enterprise Social

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